Blood Bowl Reference Sheet

PDF Download: Reference Sheet Version 1.5.1 February 24, 2012

Change Log

Version 1.0 Feb. 3, 2012
• Initial release.
Version 1.1 Feb. 5, 2012
• Fixed Hail Mary Pass; 'Scatter 3 times' instead of 'Scatter 3 squares'.
• Fixed Injury Table; Casualties happen on 10–12 instead of 11–12.
• Updated document; to conserve space and be consistent, all references to Tackle Zone have been changed to TZ.
Version 1.2 Feb. 6, 2012
• Fixed Star Power Points table; Interception is 2 SPP not 3 SPP. Thanks Clay!
Version 1.3 Feb. 12, 2012
• Updated document; decreased margins, increased overall scale, added alternating colors for skills to improve readability and changed border color on tables.
Version 1.4 Feb. 16, 2012
• Fixed Kick-off table, Quick Snap!; now correctly states that the receiving team is the team that can move.
Version 1.5 Feb. 23, 2012
• Updated document; added probability percentages for 2D6 rolls and other general clean-up.
Version 1.5.1 Feb. 24, 2012
• Updated document; removed blank page in the middle of document.

Throwing Ranges and Scatter Odds with Kick

Two handy charts. The first is throwing ranges for a normal pass. The second is the scatter odds for a kick-off using the Kick skill. Also shows odd of getting a touchback if targetting a corner.

JPG image: Large image